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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming was born in Mayfair, London, to Valentine Fleming, a Member of Parliament, and his wife Evelyn Beatrice St Croix Fleming (née Rose). Ian was the younger brother of the travel writer Peter Fleming and the older brother of Michael and Richard Fleming (1910-77). He also had an illegitimate half-sister, the cellist Amaryllis Fleming. He was the grandson of Scottish financier Robert Fleming, founder of the Scottish American Investment Trust and of merchant bank Robert Fleming & Co. (since 2000 part of JP Morgan Chase). The actor Christopher Lee was his cousin, and the actress Dame Celia Johnson was his sister-in-law (wife of his brother Peter).

Fleming was educated at Durnford School (Dorset), Eton College and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He won the Victor Ludorum at Eton two years running, something that had only been achieved once before him. After an early departure from Sandhurst, which he found uncongenial, his mother sent him to study languages on the continent, first at Kitzbühel, Austria, at a small private establishment run by the Adlerian disciples, Ernan Forbes Dennis and his American wife, the novelist Phyllis Bottome, to improve his German and prepare him for the Foreign Office exams, then to Munich University, and, finally, to improve his French at the University of Geneva. He was unsuccessful in joining the Foreign Office, and subsequently worked first as a sub-editor and journalist for the Reuters news service, including time in 1933 in Moscow, and later as a stockbroker with Rowe and Pitman, in Bishopsgate.

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