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Friday, October 27, 2006

E. E. Smith

E. E. Smith
Dr. Smith was born in Idaho and held a large number of menial jobs before attending the University of Idaho, where he is installed in the Alumni Hall of Fame.
His novels are generally considered to be the original space operas and offer almost non-stop action. However they are, to a fair extent, still "true" science fiction, in that they use the extrapolation of known science and, often, the extrapolation of existing and historic social and political patterns of the early to mid-twentieth century. Smith himself expressed a preference for inventing fictional technologies that were not strictly impossible (so far as the science of the day was aware) but highly unlikely: "the more unlikely the better" was his phrase.

01 Triplanetary
02 - First Lensman
Skylark Three
03 - Galactic Patrol
04 - Gray Lensmen
05 - Second Stage Lensman
06 - Children of the Lens
07 - Masters Of The Vortex
d'Alembert 05 - Appointment at Bloodstar
d'alembert 10 - Revolt Of The Galaxy
NL - New Lensman
SubSpace 1 - Subspace Explorers
The Galaxy Primes

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