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Friday, October 27, 2006

Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth

Day Of The Jackal
was Frederick Forsyth's first novel. An assassin known as The Jackal is hired to kill Charles De Gaulle. We know he's going to fail, but the story is a great success despite this knowledge.

The Negotiator
is the story of a ploy to force the President of the USA to resign, or to
otherwise prevent him from signing a treaty that would be unfortunate for the bad guys.

The Dogs Of War
tells about a plan to use a team of mercenaries to take over an African country run by a dictator. The ultimate goal: to exploit the country's natural resources.

Frederick Forsyth delivers thrilling tales of Cold War espionage in The Deceiver. The book is a collection of novellas that revolve around the career of one of British intelligence's most effective operatives. Unfortunately for that operative, he is being sent by the new administration into quiet retirement on the eve of the end of the Cold War. Using a committee review of that operative's career to link the individual episodes, Forsyth provides another entertaining character in thrilling spy tales.

Fist Of God
is set in the build-up to the first Gulf War, where a British SAS operative is sent to Kuwait and then Baghdad to discover the truth about Saddam Hussein's secret weapon, code-named "The Fist of God".

Fourth Protocol
tells the story of a Russian renegade secret service chief who sends an agent to Britain to assemble and detonate a nuclear bomb near an American base. The expectation is that this will swing the upcoming election in favor of the leftists.

is set in 1999, at which time Russian politics is in a crisis. A populist Russian politician looks like he will win the upcoming presidential election, but the British secret service has obtained proof that this man will be worse than Hitler was in Germany. The British and the Americans launch a covert operation to derail this man's election campaign.

The Odessa File
is a story about the hunt to bring a WW II war criminal to justice.

The Devils Alternative
is a cold war spy thriller. We are presented with a Russian leader and an
American President trying to avoid WW III in the face of a crisis

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