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Friday, October 27, 2006

Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony is one of the world's most prolific and popular authors. His fantasy Xanth novels have been read and loved by millions of readers around the world, and have been on the New York Times Best Seller list many times. Although Piers is mostly known for fantasy and science fiction, he has written several novels in other genres as well, including historical fiction, martial arts, and horror. Piers lives with his lovely wife in a secluded woods hidden deep in Central Florida.

SSCol Alien Plot
The Caterpiller's Question
The Gutbucket Ques
If I Pay Thee Not In Gold
Prostho Plus
Quest for the Fallen Star

Race Against Time
Realty Check
Rings of Ice
The Secret of Spring
Shade of the Tree
Tatham Mound
Through the Ice
Total Recall
Triple Detente

The Apprentice Adept:
01 Split Infinity
02 Blue Adept
03 Juxtaposition
04 Out of Phaze
05 Robot Adept
06 Unicorn Point
07 Phaze Doubt

Battle Circle Trilogy:
1 Sos The Rope
2 Var the Stick
3 Neq The Sword

1 Chthon
2 Phthor

Clusters Series:
1 Cluster
2 Chaining The Lady
3 Kirlian Quest
4 Thousandstar
5 Viscous Circle

Geodyssey Series:
1 Isle of Woman
2 Shame of Man
3 Hope of Earth
4 Muse of Art

Kelvin Series:
1 Dragon's Gold
2 Serpent's Silver
3 Chimaera's Copper
4 Orc's Opal
5 Mouvar's Magic

Of Man and Manta:
1 Omnivore
2 Orn
3 Ox

Tarot Series:
1 God of Tarot
2 Vision of Tarot
3 Faith of Tarot

Bio of a Space Tyrant:
1 Refugee
2 Mercenary
3 Politician
4 Executive
5 Statesman

Solar Geography

Incarnations of Immortality:
1 On a Pale Horse
2 Bearing an Hourglass
3 With A Tangled Skien
4 Wielding a Red Sword
5 Being a Green Mother
6 For Love Of Evil
7 And Eternity

Mode Series:
1 Virtual Mode
2 Fractal Mode
3 Chaos Mode
4 DoOon Mode

Xanth Series:
1 A Spell for Chameleon
2 The Source of Magic
3 Castle Roogna
4 Centaur Aisle
5 Ogre, Ogre
6 Night Mare
7 Dragon on a Pedestal
8 Crewel Lye
9 Golem in the Gears
10 Vale of the Vole
11 Heaven Cent
12 Man from Mundania
13 Isle of View (1990)
14 Question Quest
15 The Color of Her Panties
16 Demons Don't Dream
17 Harpy Thyme
18 Geis of the Gargoyle
19 Roc And A Hard Place
20 Yon Ill Wind
21 Faun & Games
22 Zombie Lover
23 Xone of Contention
24 The Dastard
25 Fell Swoop
26 Up in a Heavel
27 Cube Route
28 Currant Events

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