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Friday, October 27, 2006

David Eddings

David Eddings



Belgarath the Sorcerer
Througout his 7000 year long life, Belgarath has beheld Events and things no other man has seen. This is Belgarath's own story about the world, from his own birth to the birth of Garion. An enthralling story about the Belgariad/Malloreon world

Polgara the Sorceress
Polgara is not as old as Belgarath but in this book we see her own story. A
story that is quite different from Belgarath's. This book reveals the answers to some of the questions about Polgara that one might have. For example, what happened during the years when she lived in Vo Wacune?


Pawn of Prophecy
The story begins in aunt Pol's kitchen at Faldor's farm where Garion is being raised. The main theme of the books is about how it is to grow up and to break up with one's old life. From his safe life at the farm, Garion is being thrown into a new life controlled by a thousand of years old prophecy - the prophecy of his and the world's destiny...

Queen of Sorcery
Garion starts to realize his own role in the world. He's playing a much more significant role than he could ever imagine - the fate of the world lies in hishands...

Magician’s Gambit
Ce'Nedra has problems believing that the prophecy speaks of the truth.
Is Uncle Wolf really the legendary sorcerer Belgarath and who is Garion?
A simple country boy on a dangerous journey? Garion and Ce'Nedra start to realize that their purpose for the world is far more complex than they first believed.

Castle of Wizardry
The orb is recaptured but more remains. Ce'Nedra's task is even greater than she can imagine. A great war is approaching and in the center is Garion and Ce'Nedra. A princess and a country boy?

Enchanter’s End Game
The moment of the prophecy is quickly approaching and Garion has to reach Cthol Mishrak in time to fight the evil one eyed god - Torak. Ce'Nedra has become the leader of an army, that has to prevail at all costs.

The Mallorean:

Guardian of the West
Garion has now fulfilled his task (or so he thinks) and has slain Torak.
Garion and Ce'Nedra are now king and queen of Riva and the world seems to be in order again. But they don't get much time for relief. Something new and unknown is afoot and Garion and Ce'Nedra's son is kidnapped. A new adventure lies in front of them...

King of the Murgos
The kidnapper has been traced down to Nyissa and Garion and Ce'Nedra are chasing her all the way to lands of the Murgos. The Dark Prophecy didn't vanish when Garion slew Torak, instead it took control of a Grolim - Zandramas. Who plans to use the child in rite to ensure the Triumph of the Dark Prophecy. In the despair Garion and Ce'Nedra finds new allinces and the hope still remains...

Demon Lord of Karanda
Garion's enemy, Zakath of Mallorea, holds them captives. As the chances of finding Zandramas are getting smaller Garions sees that Zakath is far more civilized man than he thought. But Zakath refuses to let them go and the only key to where the final Event will occur is Cyradis, a seeress from Kell...

Sorceress of Darshiva
Zandramas is still one step ahead and she has more than Garion and his furious wife to worry about. In order to succeed her task she has to be at the Place Which is No More before the king of Riva. Although she has great forces at her disposal Garion and his wife still threaten her in their endless pursuit.

The Seeress of Kell
The final event is getting closer and Garion still has no clue where the Place Which is No More is located. The only person who can tell that is Cyradis, the seeress from Kell. In order to find out where the place of the event is, Zandramas uses her black magic to force that knowledge from one person of Garion's party. Although the long odds are on Zandramas' side, Garion will never give up his son. No matter what happens...

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David Eddings - 8 Rivan Codex Series

The Diamond Throne
Knight Sparhawk has returned from a country far, far away. He has been away for 10 years now, ordered to leave due to the corruption of the Elenian state. Now he has returned to see that justice is done. But the descendant of the throne, queen Ehlana has been poisoned and the only thing that will heal her is Bhelliom, a magic gem. But there are more things afoot than the attempted murder on the queen's life...

The Ruby Knight
The crystal block that Sephrenia, Vanion and 11 other Pandion have created to sustain Ehlana's life is getting weaker and weaker and Sparhawk has to hurry. The attack on Ehlana is not the only problem out there, somethings much more significant is happening.

Saphire Rose
As they get closer and closer to the solution they realize that their enemies
are far more dangerous and their allies far greater than they could ever imagine. Bhelliom seems to be more than a stone, far more powerful than Sparhawk could ever imagine. And who is Sparhawk really, an ordinary knight?

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Tamuli Series:

Domes of Fire
Peace has returned to the world, or so it seems. Ehlana and Sparhawk have settled down in Cimmura. But soon problems arises in the Tamuli empire and emissaries are sent in order to call for Anakha (.a.k.a. Sparhawk) who is said to be the only one who can deal with it...

The Shining Ones
Within the enemy lines there are Trolls, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghouls, Ogres and now even the horrifying mythical Shining Ones are being sighted. In order to fight them Sparhawk must recover the Bhelliom that Aphrael hid in the sea. Bhelliom is the only force strong enough to fight them.

The Hidden City
Sparhawk must free the Troll Gods locked within the Bhelliom to fight his enemies. But Cyrgon has used the forbidden spells and has conjured up Klæl, an ancient evil force as old as Bhelliom. The world's destiny lies in the hands of Anakha, warrior of the Bhelliom...

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Dreamer Series:

The Elder Gods
David and Leigh Eddings introduce readers to their newly minted Land of Dhrall with The Elder Gods, the first book in the four-book Dreamers Saga. Dhrall is under the gentle rule of four gods representing the four compass points. These gods are reaching the end of their terms of power when the god of the North brings four children who are destined to take over for them into his siblings' lairs. The children are dreamers and able to see the possible outcome of battles in a coming war with the evil creature that controls the wasteland at the center of Drahll's map. Thus, the gods and their young charges undertake quests to hire mercenary armies and thwart the initial invasion into their lands.

The Treasured One
The Vlagh has turned its attention from the lands of the goddess Zelana
(The Elder Gods) to her brother, Veltan, ruler of the peaceful farming land
around the Falls of Vash. These gentle villagers are Vlaghís obstacles as it
breeds a hideous army to annihilate the world. Determined to protect his people and his lands, Omago, Veltanís human friend, works with the heroes from Zelanaís domain to raise a defense. But the gods and the humans have overlooked one person: Jalkan, an outlander, who is unleashing soldiers to corral innocent villagers and convert them to his ìreligionî of the Amar--ìthe one true god.î He covets the gold that Zelena and Veltan promised their mercenaries. And what are a few innocent deaths if they result in more gold for Jalkan and the rest of
his empire?

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Other Books:

High Hunt
The group around dan's brother had been held together by a mutual taste for liquor and endless arguments. Now, high in the mountains on a quest to see who could bag the biggest deer, old jealousies and hatreds were being dusted off and revived. Everyone knew an explosion was coming. No one knew who would survive. And none of them were willing to turn back. Reissue.

Regina's Song
Regina and Renata are truly identical twins. They are so strikingly alike, even their mother can't tell them apart. Since their DNA is identical and their infantfootprint records were lost by the hospital, no one can be sure which is which. This doesn't bother the twins. In fact, they're inseparable--until one of the young women is murdered. The other has no memory of the event, no idea who she is. In her near-total amnesia, she can remember only family friend Mark, who has always been a surrogate big brother to the twins. And Mark finds himself fearing that the effects of the trauma don't end with amnesia, for now a series of vicious murders terrorizes Seattle, accompanied by the howl of wolves....

The Redemption of Althalus
As the first stand-alone one-volume epic fantasy by the popular Eddings team (whose series include The Belgariad; The Malloreon and The Elenium), this hefty saga about Good trouncing Evil plumps an engaging young reprobate hero into the arms of aDliterallyDdivine feline heroine. A professional thief and occasional murderer, Althalus accepts a commission to steal a supernatural tome known as the Book. When he arrives at the mysterious House at the End of the World, a lissome black cat with emerald eyes turns out to be the fertility goddess Dweia. Together they enlist a Mission Improbable team to out-sorcel the assorted villains marshaled by the sorcerer Ghend, who is bent on converting this
medieval-like world from the worship of Dweia's good god-brother, Deiwos, to awful servitude under their wicked sibling Daeva. Plenty of derring-do spices up the first two-thirds of this jolly romp, and some zingy flashes of wit home in neatly on stuffy human institutions like overorganized religion and landed aristocracies. Unfortunately, the Eddingses can't resist a lengthy time-traveling reprise, which drags the story down into so-so conventionality.

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